ambassador nicolas ouchenir

nicolas ouchenir
how do you carry le gramme? le gramme has this ancestral, heritage, timeless side, like a sign of belonging that we see in the tribes, or the bracelet that accompanies us at birth. it is not at all a bracelet but an experience that must be worn to perceive all its delicacy and potential. le gramme is an essential piece of jewelry whose personality ultimately depends on the wearer. you can't wear it without having personality because it requires success without artifice. this simplicity hides immense strength, and a lot of weight. i have seven bracelets per gram, it may seem like a lot but it's actually barely enough because i have fun putting things together. i wear them all the time, so i had to get used to working with them, le gramme sometimes writes at the same time as me, as if endowed with an independent life.
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