the segment bangle bracelet the segment bangle bracelet

a few months ago, le gram unveiled its new segment bracelet, an articulated bangle made up of two solid cylindrical parts in polished 925 silver connected to each other by two silver rings.

the segment bangle now exists in black silver thanks to cutting-edge DLC (diamond like carbon) technology, a carbon coating having the same atomic structure as diamond, which gives this intense, unalterable black color to the precious material.

erwan le louër, ceo & designer, le gramme

"I found it interesting to go a little further in the segment collection with this mobile bangle. there is a real creative tension between the rigidity of the bangle and the flexibility of the junctions. the jewel becomes a moving object with a resolutely minimal design. "

erwan le louër, ceo & designer, le gramme
the segment collection

rediscover the segment collection, a series of bracelets, rings and necklaces, inspired by the world of geometry and the result of research around the shape of the circle, where solid cylinders intersect with links to form a chain.

5 / 5

"I've had a segment pendant for 1 year now, it hasn't moved and has never left my neck."

5 / 5

"a great sense of detail and precision in the pieces on le gramme. behind each piece of jewelry are simple and sober design concepts, but finely executed from a technical point of view. it is a pure joy to be able to wear these pieces. superb French brand."

5 / 5

“the advantage with le gram jewelry is that I can steal the gifts I give my boyfriend, I love them as much as he does.”