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The jewelry you want is unavailable?

We are committed to offering you a unique experience, by offering on-demand manufacturing of the jewelry of your choice.

Among our different collections, if you would like a product indicated as currently unavailable, do not hesitate to contact us.

Restocking of our products is not carried out regularly on our online store.

For information, manufacturing times may vary:

■ wedding rings: 3 weeks*
■ rings: 12 weeks
■ 925 silver necklaces and bracelets: between 3 and 5 weeks
■ 750 gold jewelry: delivery times vary, please contact us

contact us at01 40 73 89 91 or by email , so that we can support you as best as possible.

*please note that for 1g set wedding rings, the deadline is extended to 12 weeks.

contact us at01 40 73 89 91 or by email